Cheap Dental Implants in Brisbane

Interested in investing in dental implants, but are unsure how much it costs? If you’re searching for an affordable option, and you live in Brisbane, West Australia, then you’ll want to read further in the article to help you understand the cost of a dental implant procedure and learn how to get cheap dental implants in Brisbane.

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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Brisbane, QLD?

The total costs of a dental implant procedure can vary depending on various factors such as the number of teeth requiring replacement, the specific type of implant utilised, the materials employed, and the necessity of bone grafting or other oral surgical procedures. In Brisbane, a dental implant procedure costs can range from $3,000 to $6,500 or more approximately per tooth, depending just on these various factors. There may be more depending on your personal dental circumstance.

It’s essential to visit a dental clinic to receive an accurate estimate based on your individual needs and requirements. During a dental implant consultation, a qualified health practitioner will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw bone to determine whether you’re a candidate for implants. They’ll discuss treatment options, and payment plans, and provide an estimated cost.

How Can a Tooth Implant Cost So Much?

Are you surprised by how expensive it can cost? While dental implant procedure costs may indeed seem high, it’s important to remember that they offer a permanent solution compared to other options like removable dentures or conventional dentures. With proper care, dental implants can last an entire lifetime and mimic the look and function of natural teeth, and this would mean you would have a perfect natural-looking smile even when you are in the latter days of your life or experienced serious dental problems.

The first thing to understand why a dental implant procedure can be expensive is that tooth implants are a surgical procedure. This means that they require a high level of expertise from the dentist or oral surgeon performing the procedure. Additionally, the materials used for implants, such as titanium, are also quite expensive, among other factors.

Factors Affecting Dental Implant Cost in Brisbane

Dental implants can be quite expensive, and understanding the factors that can affect the cost can help you plan for the financial investment. In Brisbane, there are several factors that can contribute to the cost of dental implant treatment, including the following:

  1. The number of implants needed – If you need multiple implants to replace missing teeth or secure a denture, the cost will likely be higher than if you only need one implant.
  2. The type of implant – Some dental implant solutions, such as endosteal or subperiosteal implants, may be more expensive than others.
  3. The location of the implant – Depending on where in your mouth the implant is needed, the level of difficulty may vary and can impact the cost.
  4. The expertise of the dental practitioner – Experienced dental implant providers typically charge more for their services, as they have the expertise required to deliver high-quality outcomes.
  5. The materials used – The type and quality of materials used for implants can also have a significant impact on the cost. High-quality materials such as titanium will typically cost more than lower-quality options.
  6. The nature of your case and oral health – The condition of your oral health will play a significant role in determining the cost of dental implant treatment. If you have gum disease or other issues that need to be addressed prior to the procedure, this can increase the overall cost.

The Cost of Additional Procedures Associated with Dental Implants

Some patients may require additional procedures such as bone grafting or a sinus lift before dental implant placement. Bone grafting is a procedure that involves adding bone material to the jawbone to support the implant. A sinus lift involves lifting the sinus cavity to create space for the implant. Both procedures can increase the overall cost of dental implant treatment.

The cost of bone grafting or a sinus lift can range from $1,000 to $3,000. The cost may vary depending on the extent of the procedure, the type of materials used, and the expertise of the dental practitioner. It’s important to note that these procedures are often necessary to ensure the success of the dental implant procedure.

In addition to bone grafting and sinus lifts, some patients may require tooth extractions before implant placement. Tooth extractions can cost anywhere from $75 to $300 per tooth. Again, the cost may vary depending on the complexity of the extraction and the expertise of the dental practitioner.

Patients who have gum disease or other oral health issues may also require treatment before implant placement. The cost of such treatment will depend on the extent of the issue and the type of treatment required. It’s important to address any oral health issues before proceeding with dental implant treatment to ensure the success of the procedure.

It’s important to remember that while the cost of additional procedures may seem daunting, they are necessary for the success and longevity of the dental implant. Without these procedures, the implant may fail, resulting in further costs and potential complications.

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Ways to Manage Dental Implant Costs

Dental implants are an effective tooth replacement option that can restore your smile and improve your oral health. However, the cost of dental implants can be a concern for many patients. Fortunately, there are ways to manage dental implant costs without compromising on quality.

Dental Insurance

One way to manage dental implant costs is through dental insurance. Many dental insurance plans cover a portion of the cost of dental implants and related procedures. Before selecting a dental insurance plan, it’s important to check if they cover dental implant treatment. Some plans may cover a percentage of the costs, while others may have limits on the amount of coverage. It is also important to note that some insurance plans may require a waiting period before the coverage becomes effective.

Dental Payment Plans

Another way to manage dental implant costs is by exploring payment plans or financing options. Several dental clinics offer payment plans or financing options that allow patients to spread out the cost of their dental implant over time. These options will enable patients to fit the cost of dental implants into their monthly budget, making the treatment more affordable.

Some dental clinics also offer discounts or special offers for dental implant treatments. Patients can inquire about discounted prices or payment plans during their dental implant consultation. Clinics that prioritise patient satisfaction may also offer additional services such as post-operation care, follow-up consultations, and a warranty on their dental implant treatment.

Can I use my Superannuation to pay for dental implants?

Superannuation is the amount of money that Australian workers and their employers contribute to a retirement savings account. It’s possible to access superannuation early for specific medical procedures, including dental implants if it’s deemed medically necessary.

However, accessing superannuation for dental implants is not straightforward, and there are certain requirements that you must meet to be eligible. First, you’ll need to provide evidence that the dental implant surgery is medically necessary and cannot be delayed. This evidence should come from a qualified health practitioner, such as a dentist or oral surgeon.

How can I find a dental clinic in Brisbane, QLD for cheap dental implants?

When researching dental implant costs in Brisbane, it’s crucial to work with a reputable dental clinic that uses high-quality materials and dental laboratories. Look for a dental clinic that offers different implant treatments, including endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants, as well as a single-tooth dental implant or multiple implant treatments.

When researching tooth implant costs, it’s crucial to obtain a comprehensive estimate from a qualified dentist or oral surgeon. Be wary of clinics that offer “discount” implants, as these may not use high-quality materials or be performed by experienced providers. It’s also worth asking about financing options or payment plans, as some dental clinics may offer these to help make the cost of tooth implants more manageable.

Feel free to inquire about multiple dental clinics and explore the different options they offer to discover a plan or package that suits your financial needs. With the right payment plan or financing option, getting the dental implant treatment you need can be more affordable than you may have thought.


Dental implants can be an expensive investment, but they’re worth it for patients looking for a permanent solution to missing teeth. Remember, it’s important to visit a dental clinic for a proper evaluation, treatment options, and cost estimate. With payment options and affordable options, don’t let the cost hold you back from achieving a beautiful, healthy smile with dental implants.

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